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Where Are They Now? Jorge Bayona

Jorge Bayona’s family migrated to America from Colombia when Jorge was a child. When Jorge was 15, his dad died from injuries sustained in a bar fight. After dad died, Jorge spun out of control. He started making friends that led him a negative direction. Jorge says, “After my dad passed away, I rebelled against […]


Adventure Therapy Works!

Adventure therapy is a powerful approach that has gained popularity recently for helping troubled teens overcome personal challenges and develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed. One organization that has been particularly successful in using adventure therapy to help troubled boys is the Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch. The Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch is […]


Therapeutic Ranch for Troubled Boys

Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch is a residential program helping troubled boys overcome addiction and other behavioral issues. Through counseling, education, and outdoor activities, the program aims to instill discipline, self-confidence, and life skills in its participants. The ranch is located in a beautiful and serene natural setting, providing a peaceful and supportive environment for the […]


Should you need help finding Christian boarding schools, military schools, therapeutic ranches for teens, therapeutic teen ranches, or therapeutic boarding schools, please let us know. Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch is a Christian therapeutic boarding school and boys home. Boys come to our therapeutic school and home in Northwest Arkansas from across the United States. We help at-risk boys who struggle with behavioral issues. Therapeutic boarding schools and boys homes like Teen Challenge offer behavioral therapy and a rehab for troubled teen boys with teen counseling for boys.