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Grief Loss

Treatment for Teens Struggling with Grief and Loss

Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch is a dual-diagnosis residential treatment facility for teen boys ages 14-17. We provide a Christ-centered, trauma-informed therapy program for boys struggling with any combination of substance abuse, addiction, mental health, behavioral, or serious emotional problems.

Treatment for Teens Struggling with Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss can Cause Emotional Trauma in Teens

When it comes to grief and loss, teens can be particularly vulnerable as they’re at a crucial stage of emotional and psychological development. Counseling may become necessary when a teen exhibits signs that they’re struggling to cope with their grief in a way that significantly impacts their daily life.

What to look for:

      Persistent Sadness or Depression

      Changes in Behavior

      Changes in Eating, Sleeping Habits


      Substance Abuse

      Talking About Death or Suicide

      Feeling Overwhelmed

      Seemingly Stuck in Grief

      Progressively Worsening Social or Academic Performance

Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch provides Christ-centered residential therapy for teens struggling with grief and loss who may have co-occurring addictions or diagnoses.


Signs of Serious Emotional Disturbances in Teen Boys

Grief and loss can manifest as a serious emotional disturbance in teens. While it’s normal to grieve a loss, it is not normal to experience severe mood swings, suicidal ideation or behaviors, or increasingly risky behaviors.

These negative coping mechanisms can be treated with a trauma-informed therapeutic approach. For teens with an existing mental or behavioral diagnosis, experiencing grief or loss can intensify symptoms or behaviors.  

Early intervention can make a significant difference in the well-being and development of teen boys dealing with emotional disturbances. If you observe these signs, consider reaching out to a mental health professional who specializes in adolescent mental health for guidance and support.


When Should You Consider Residential Treatment for Boys Struggling with Grief and Loss

Residential therapeutic treatment can be beneficial for teens when symptoms severely impact daily life and other treatments have failed. Long-term residential treatment can be an effective way to safely stabilize dangerous or unpredictable behaviors stemming from grief or loss.

Placement in dual-diagnosis facility can be especially helpful when teens are self-medicating grief symptoms with drugs, alcohol, or video game addictions. These programs can offer psychiatric evaluation, clinical medication management, licensed therapeutic treatment, and a safe living environment.

Why Choose Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch

We provide holistic therapeutic interventions designed to stabilize behaviors, engage teens in therapeutic treatment, address root cause mental health issues, and build decisions-making and academic skills for long-term success. We only work with teenage boys.

Our major depressive episode treatment program focuses on stabilizing teens with proper medication management based on individual genetics and equipping them with life skills for long-term success.

Treatment for Teens Struggling with Grief and Loss

Effective, evidence-based treatment with a holistic approach designed to change lives and renew families.

Healthy habits. Healthy relationships. Healthy recovery.

Speak to our admissions team today and learn more about how we can help your teen work through grief and loss.

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Treating Grief and Loss with Therapy - Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch

Grief and loss can cause serious emotional disturbances in teens, leading to negative coping mechanisms like drugs or violence. Get help today.