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Family Involvement

Family Involvement

Reconnect Parent Day

Discover how Reconnect Parent Day at Teen Challenge helps families reconnect and heal through communication, activities, and spiritual bonding. Learn about the impact of this event on teen boys and their parents

Reconnect Day does exactly what the name implies: It helps our students reconnect with their families. Any family with a child with anger and oppositional behavior, drug abuse, running away, or delinquency knows how much those behaviors hurt everyone. A lot of healing has to take place. At Reconnect Day, families learn again to communicate, laugh, cry, and work together as a family.

The day usually starts with special sessions for the parents. New ideas and techniques for dealing with a teen are presented to anxious parents who want to help their child succeed when he finally returns home from Teen Challenge. Parents also review their child’s progress with the student’s adviser and classroom teachers. Goals and objectives are laid out and discussed for the coming months.

Later, the students join their parents for the evening meal. Then, everyone attends a chapel service together. Award presentations are often made at this first family chapel, and many of our students choose to be water baptized when their parents can be present. The chapels are powerful events where families can worship and pray together.

Families are divided into groups that rotate activities. Group sessions are provided to the families, and challenging games and activities are designed to help families communicate better and work more cooperatively. Free time and fun are also a part of the Reconnect Days. The day usually ends with another family chapel. We allow plenty of time for God to do his transforming work in families. Reconnect Days are scheduled every two months throughout the year.

These Reconnect Days take place once each quarter. After the retreat, the students return home with their families for a home visit.

Home Visits and Weekend Passes

The Reconnect Parent Day event is a one-day event every other month. Students earn a Home Visit or off-campus pass when they complete their progress book and Level up. Students in phase 3 and higher can have weekend passes and regularly scheduled home visits.

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Parent Day at Teen Challenge: Reuniting Families for Healing

Discover how Reconnect Parent Day at Teen Challenge helps families reconnect and heal through communication, activities, and spiritual bonding. Learn about the impact of this event on teen boys and their parents.