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Boys Ranches

Boys Ranches with Adventure-Based Learning and Wilderness Therapy is now Enrolling Boys Year-Round.

Boys Ranches

 Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch helps boys on its Northwest Arkansas Campus. It is unique in that it has private bedrooms for each of the boys, an awesome wilderness program, and includes mission trips and equine therapy.

For teen boys with anger, emotional issues, depression, behavioral problems, legal problems, or minor drug abuse, hope exists. The ability to choose a new direction is available through Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch. We lovingly train at-risk boys to choose a different path in life, leading them to be godly and upright young men.

If you are interested in boys ranches, consider that Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch may be precisely what you are interested in since time spent away from your hometown — away from the negative impact of friends and familiar places — away–separate from the pressure of friends and familiar places—may be just the thing to motivate a transformation. Parents nationwide choose Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch for their boys.

Healing and Hope for Thousands of Boys Over the Past Five Decades

Boys Ranches

As the first residential Teen Challenge program for boys, Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch has offered hope to families for several decades. We believe that a relationship with Jesus is the best source of healing in the lives of the young men we serve. Every main portion of our program is faith-based. We believe that centering our program on Christ is why countless young men have realized success here, even where other programs failed.

Several factors set Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch for boys apart from other therapeutic boys ranches:

  • MORE STAFF — First, we keep student-to-staff ratios low so boys have lots of supervision and one-on-one attention. Our staff is highly trained, and most have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in their work area.

  • ADVENTURE-BASED LEARNING — Our outdoor adventure program is second to none. Our students have regular opportunities to experience fun and challenging outdoor activities. Students enjoy camping, backpacking, rappelling, canoeing, and spelunking (cave exploration). Students are challenged physically and learn the importance of goals and perseverance.

  • PRIVACY FOR EACH BOY — Rather than housing all the boys in a large dorm filled with bunk beds, our students have their bedrooms, separate from the noise and influence of the other boys.

  • FAMILY VISITS — Residents are allowed to visit family on seasonally scheduled breaks.

  • ADDICTION TREATMENT — Our program is a licensed dual-diagnosis Addiction Treatment Center with staff trained to treat substance abuse and harmful lifestyle addictions to gambling, pornography, or online gaming.

  • EXTENSIVE AFTERCARE PROGRAM — After completing Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch, boys return home with a strong aftercare program to continue their positive growth. Aftercare is included in our tuition package.

The Ranch Features a Private School with Fully Accredited Courses

Boys Ranches

Academics mean a lot to us at Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch for boys because education forms a foundation for future success. While enrolled in our private school with fully accredited courses, students study on courses led by certified teachers, with individual tutoring available to aid those who need it. We offer a GED option for those with too many missing credits to graduate senior high school in an appropriate time frame. Credits earned can transfer to private or public schools at home. Boys can also learn basic vocational skills like woodworking, electrical, construction and carpentry, shop skills, basic automotive, and more. 

Teens at Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch engage in various recreational activities, both on and off campus. We facilitate an adventure program second to none. In addition to being fun and physically challenging for the boys, it teaches them about reaching goals, communicating, and dealing well with others.

Many young men have put their lives back on track and have gone on to make an impact for Christ after graduating from Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch. We want to discuss whether our boarding school is the right fit for your son. Whether you decide on Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch, a school in Arizona, or another option, we hope your family can experience the restoration that Christ can bring. Please read the rest of our website, use our inquiry form, or call us today.

Boys Ranches

Thank you again for considering Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch as you research therapeutic boys ranches with addiction treatment options for your teenage boy.

Should you need help finding therapeutic boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, schools for troubled girls, military boarding schools, military schools for teens, Christian boarding schools, or therapeutic boarding schools troubled boys, please let us know. Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch is a Christian therapeutic boarding school and boys home. Boys come to our therapeutic school and home in Northwest Arkansas from across the United States. We help at-risk boys who struggle with behavioral issues. Therapeutic boarding schools and boys homes like Teen Challenge offer behavioral therapy and a rehab for troubled teen boys with teen counseling for boys.

Boys Ranches

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