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Drug Rehabs for Teens

Christian Rehab for Boys, Offering Adventure-Based Addiction Treatment for Teens

Drug Rehabs for TeensTeen Challenge helps boys on its Arkansas campus. This Christian rehab for teenagers is uncommon in that it has private bedrooms, an awesome wilderness therapy program, and it also solves behavioral problems.

We provide a protective, structured, and nurturing environment in which addicted boys grow academically and behaviorally. They will also learn valuable life skills, build character, and develop healthy relationships with others. Addiction therapy here aims to identify underlying reasons for the repetition of inappropriate behaviors and addictions. We employ adventure-based therapy, a proven curriculum, and ongoing individual and group addiction counseling. As a result of these therapies, students replace their old ways of thinking and behaving with a new sense of purpose and positivity.     

A Purpose-Driven Life is the Most Effective Cure for Drug Addictions

For most boys who enter our program, harmful behaviors are driven by the substances they are abusing, from alcohol and pot to various illicit drugs. Regardless, they have surrendered to unhealthy and extremely damaging methods of coping with life. Substances and adrenaline-seeking behaviors have become the boy’s coping mechanism for handling the ordinary rigors of life. Once the addictions are under control, we introduce each boy to new, healthy ways of coping with difficulties.

Spiritual principles such as honesty, integrity, and compassion are also taught to the boys and modeled by peers and staff. Boys are encouraged to trust God and seek His purpose in their lives. When students grab ahold of these concepts, the need for drugs and alcohol will be removed, and they will be free to resume lives as happy, productive members of society.

Drug Rehabs for TeensSeeking Christian rehabs for teenagers? Parents all over the U.S. trust our renowned addiction treatment center to save their teens from addictions.

If your son is struggling with substances and/or behavioral troubles, we can help turn his life around. Although we are not located in Colorado, it is ideal for a boy to be separated from his negative peer influences in his home city, so the distance is a plus. At this facility, he will learn how to conquer his struggles and build healthy relationships. For more information about this Christian rehab for teens located in Arkansas, please get in touch with us.

40 Years of Delivering Boys of Addictions and Self-Destructive Behaviors

Since we became the initial residential Teen Challenge program for boys, Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch has assisted families for over 40 years.  We believe that centering our program on Christ is the reason numerous young men are finding deliverance from addictions here, even where other rehab programs have failed.

An Amazingly Effective Aftercare Program Right in Your Home

After graduation from our Christian rehab, boys go back home, followed by a strong aftercare program to continue the forward momentum. Aftercare is included without added cost in our normal tuition package.

Drug Rehabs for Teens

Your Boy Will Continue and Even Repair His Education

Academics mean a lot to us because education strongly supports future success. While enrolled in our private Christian school with fully accredited classes, boys work on courses led by certified teachers, with individual tutoring available to help those who need it. Credits earned can easily transfer to private or public schools at home. Boys can also learn basic vocational skills, including woodworking, electrical, construction and carpentry, shop skills, basic automotive, and others. After graduating from our rehab, boys may opt to continue their classwork from home through the online Alpha Omega Academy that we use.

We would love to talk with you to help you decide if our program is a good option for your son. Please read the rest of our website and use our inquiry form, or call us today.

Drug Rehabs for Teens
We are glad you chose to look at our Christian rehab for teenage boys as you search for a rehab or addiction treatment center.

A Christian Addiction Treatment Center and Rehab for Teen Boys

Should you need help finding teen challenge schools, boarding schools for troubled boys, homes for boys, christian boarding schools for boys, teen counseling services, counseling, or boarding schools for girls near me, please let us know. Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch is a Christian therapeutic boarding school and boys home. Boys come to our therapeutic school and home in Northwest Arkansas from across the United States. We help at-risk boys who struggle with behavioral issues. Therapeutic boarding schools and boys homes like Teen Challenge offer behavioral therapy and a rehab for troubled teen boys with teen counseling for boys.

Drug Rehabs for Teens

Christian Drug Rehabs for Teens in Colorado -- learn about the adventure-based, affordable program Teen Challenge provides.