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What Some Have Said… 

G.W.BushPresident George W. Bush (See Video – President Bush’s Comments about Teen Challenge)Too many young [people] have already lost their lives, and too many others have suffered serious injury for us to ignore the problems of juvenile alcohol and drug abuse. Programs such as yours [Teen Challenge] work to change young people’s lives by changing their hearts. I commend you for your work with young men who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.


Ronald ReaganPresident Ronald ReaganNot only does Teen Challenge help our young people deal with their substance abuse, but is also gives our kids something to live for – a relationship with God, a healthy self-esteem, and a direction in their lives that finally leads somewhere. I sincerely appreciate your efforts to reach and rehabilitate the many young people who have, at present, no hope in life.


John AshcroftFormer U.S. Attorney General John AshcroftTeen Challenge changes the world one person at a time.


Charles ColsonCharles Colson – The Teen Challenge program succeeds when all of the government programs have failed.


Art LinkletterArt Linkletter – In my opinion, Teen Challenge is doing the best all-around job of providing the kids with something meaningful in their lives. And that’s what they all need. . .I thank you for your continuing support for Teen Challenge.


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What Rev. Billy Graham, Ruth Graham, Charles Colson, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and other leaders have said about Teen Challenge.